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Other animals

 Caesar, our Billy goat


11th of May 2004: a young  Long-eared Owl in our garden!

Our hedgehog. He always eats Tipsyís leftovers.

Mick, our nanny-goat

A 6 inch Limax Maximus dropped in one day. Did you know how this species has sex? Click here and be amazed.

A blackbird built her nest in the bushes right next to our veranda! More pictures here.

This cute little mouse was at our window.

I raised these two cocks myself in the early 90s. We didnít know they were male at first, although we were a bit suspicious when they didnít begin to lay eggs. The spores on their feet were also a bit unusual for hens. Their regular crowing at five in the morning gave them away eventually.

My father recently found this snakeskin in our garden. It is over 95cm long, which means that the snake is now even longer than that. We guess itís some sort of adder. Update (spring 2004): now my mom has seen the snake itself and itís bloody big.