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Tälercup Münstertal 2004

The first time I raced with my new KTM Team jersey I got from my sponsor (the Umkircher Fahrrad-Lädele) for free! This stuff normally costs 100,- €! It is a bit flashy and other racers can see me coming miles off, but I love it. :-)

Regrettably, I did not beat my only real competitor for the second place in the overall ranking. Maybe the 30 km ride to the racecourse or the lack of sleep held me back a little. I also had a spectacular crash in the very first round when my bike practically broke down like a dead horse on a very steep descent and I was sent flying some 3-4 m downhill. I sprained an ankle (only lightly) and lost valuable seconds picking up my bike. In the second round I crashed again when my front wheel got stuck in a mudhole. In the third and last round, I gained on the riders in front of me but couldn’t catch them. I finished only 22 seconds behind the third, Simon Schmider, who is now second in the overall ranking, leading by 4 points (30, 27, 24, 22, 20, 18... are awarded per race).

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