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Nutscheid Megabike 2004

Thomas Dietel, Sebastian Wiedmann and I went to the Nutscheid Megabike Marathon near Cologne on the 13th of June. There had been heavy rains the previous days and the area is not famous for itís dry climate anyway...

The gruelling 107 km race: we started off quite fast and the leading group, with which I could barely keep up, was soon reduced to 4 racers, including myself, but then I crashed on a slippery grass section at a speed of at least 40 km/h. I managed to catch up with the rider in third place on the next climb, sucked his rear wheel for a while and finally dropped him. For the next 65 km I was third, which boosted my morale considerably, in spite of the incredible muddyness of the racecourse. The Hound of the Baskervilles would have felt right at home there. I had the wrong tyres for these conditions but I gave my best and managed to keep my  place for a long time. I crashed a second time in the mud and nearly had a third (and probably final) crash on a very steep descent with deep ruts.

After 3 hours of this, my power began to wane and I was slowly but surely overtaken by the riders behind me. Iím still very happy with my 6th place. I just wish my bike could have stayed cleaner. I finished in 5:19:10, Thomas in 6:49:21 and Sebstian had to give up after 73 km because his front brake got damaged. The winner finished in 4:52:57 and the third in 5:11:12.

My legs.

Five hours can be very long.

The reward. (klick to enlarge)

Post-race high. (klick to enlarge)

Shimano XTR front derailleur. Worked flawlessly.

Avid SD-7 brakes with Kool Stop pads - worked fine.

Itís not how it looks.

Poor fork-seals. They seemed to work quite well, though.

At the first climb of the last 35 km.

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