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XC Bundesliga St. Märgen

A national-series race that went well at last!

I rode up to the racetrack near St. Märgen (in the Black Forest at a height of 900m, 40 km from home) the day before the race and slept in the woods. Apparently, this was just what needed. I didn’t feel too good on the morning of the race, but my legs were OK. I decided to pace myself and attack later.

At first, I was surprised at the slow starting speed but that was probably due to the fact that most riders were not familiar with the difficult racecourse. I, however, had trained there several times and so I could “follow the flow” of the terrain best and I overtook many riders on the first lap. I held back a bit because I feared cramps and also because I didn’t have anything to eat. On the steepest uphill sections I always rested a bit, letting my opponents pass me. Just before the top of each climb I then shifted into a much faster gear and easily overtook all the other riders wo had over-exerted themselves. This way, my legs never went “sour” and I felt great throughout the race. My team captain, Marcus, often overtook me on the downhills and we always met again on the same uphill bit. I only managed to outdistance him on the very last climb. Great race. If I had really pushed my limits, I could have maybe finished 7th, but that would have been risky and no fun at all. I’m now in place 19 in the overall “B-Ranking” but I won’t take part in the last two races, so I probably won’t become “A-class” next year. I plan to specialize in “masters-class” races anyway.

Some pictures of the race, thanks to Jörg Kröger:

It’s such a great feeling when you are “in the zone”.

I always rested on the (very) steep uphill sections, spinning in a high gear.

Leaving the rugged “Rothaus-Trail section.

This was one of the easier downhill sections!

The core-riders of team www.supernova-lights.com at St. Märgen. F.l.t.r.: me, Andreas, Wolfgang and Marcus. Wolfgang had a great race and finished second in the masters race!

some more pics: