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XC Bundesliga Münsingen

My first national series race with a license. Regrettably, I had been sick the week before and therefore I didn’t have much power in my legs. Additionally, we didn’t get up in time (the race started at 8 o’clock am) and I couldn’t warm up at all. The result was that I could not keep up with the leading group and then I got stuck in a group with people who really couldn’t ride. I crashed twice trying to overtake some idiot who held on to his brakes as if his life depended on it. My Nokian NBX lite tyre on the front wheel gave me a lot of trouble on this very slippery racecourse. I Finished 26th out of 45 starters in the “Elite B” categoy (the second national league) and 37th in the overall ranking with the “Masters” (30 and older) category included. Benjamin Boll, a friend whom I’ve beaten several times last year, ranked 8th in the Elite race and several guys who were 8-10 Minutes slower just two weeks ago narrowly beat me this time. Quite annoying, but others had even worse luck. 20% of all racers in this race did not finish.

The Müsingen Racecourse is really great - when it’s dry.

The notorious grassy slope right after the start. Looks Quite harmless from a distance... The picture was taken from the spot where we slept in our tent.

Ivonne Kraft, doing her best (she would finish second in te Elite women’s race.)

Irina Kalentieva finished as fourth in the end.

Gun-Rita Dahle (at the momet the fastest female biker on earth) seemed to enjoy herself.

Adelheid Morath from Freiburg had a great race and came in third.

Dahle on a very nice singletrack-section

Martin Siefermann (left) & Tom Haake of the Endorfin racing team.

Lado in the lead (he quit the race later))

Dahle going down

She rocks!

Yes, it was as steep as it looks.

Walking te racecourse the night before. They have some mean obstacles there like artificial ponds, cobble stones with huge gaps, artificial hills, an S-shaped labyrinth, heaps of rock and if it’s wet, the gras is slippery like hell.

Happy faces after the race, despite broken seatposts, bloody fingers and disappointed hopes.