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XC Bundesliga Heubach

Wolfgang, Andreas & I went to Heubach near Stuttgart the day before the race. We found a very nice spot to camp just next to the highest point of the racecourse, so that we could test the downhill section right away - and quite some downhill this is in Heubach. I was a bit shocked at first but then I remembered that I had a full suspension bike and let her rip. :-) The weather was fine and my legs felt good, so I was looking forward to the race. Regrettably, I had a pretty bad night in my much too thin sleeping bag and on my much too thin camping mattress. In the morning, my legs felt worse than the day before.

Race day was nice and sunny, too. We lined up, the signal came and off we went, up the long 200m climb on the first of seven laps. I was doing OK, but on the descent, some idiot who couldn’t ride held up three racers in front of me and I couldn’t pass. In the next three rounds I battled with the same two or three riders but in round four my left cleat came lose and I had to stop to attach it again, which cost me some time. Of course I didn’t put it back on in the right place, but I didn’t feel that at all. During the whole race, I didn’t have real “pressure” in my legs. At least I wasn’t lapped by the winner but that was a pretty close call. Like in Münsingen, I finished 26th out of 45, but since this time there was no separate “masters”-category, I actually did much better than in the last race. I’m still not satisfied because I know I could have been at least 5 minutes faster. I need to get used to my race bike and I need more sleep. Wolfgang finished 8th and Andreas 14th. I probably won’t become an A-class racer next year, but that would have been pointless anyway. Out of 104 starters in the A-race, only 31 finished!

Here are some pictures of the racecourse:

Bernardine Boog-Rauwerda

Hanka Kupfernagel