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Wittnau 06

My first Taelercup XC race with a licence or - how I learned a valuable lesson:

The weather was fine on racing day, but it had rained a lot the days before and therefore the racers were facing a very muddy racecourse (once again). I thought that I had pretty good legs but right from the start I could barely follow the pack, mainly because my pulse wouldn’t go up at all. I struggled to keep the other 26 racers in sight for the next four rounds and even thought about giving up, but then there was Christian taking pictures of me and other friends cheering me on and I’d ever given up a race, so I kept going. In the sixth round I began to feel better and I was a bit relieved that the leaders hadn’t lapped me yet because that meant that I would at least not be lapped twice. At the beginning of round seven, Erik finally passed me but I had also reached “racing temperature” and passed some riders who had “bonked”. Others had dropped out and so I finished as fifteenth, which is just what I had expected. With good legs I could have impressed some friends but I’m quite content with what I achieved this time by just not giving up (like nine other racers had done).