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State Championships Gerstetten

On a whim, Wolfgang Fischer, Andreas Krakau and I went to the state championships in Gerstetten (near Stuttgart). The weather forecast predicted cold weather and rain, but as usual it all turned out quite differently. The night was cold but the rain from the north didn’t come through. Instead, we had a beautiful sunny day with very little wind.

For some reason (the threatened bad weather?) none of the really good “senior class” (30 and older) racers had shown up and we three of the team “Supernova-Lights” were practically amongst ourselves. We didn’t know this before the race started, though.

I felt pretty good this day and decided to attack right away to shock my opponents. The picture below shows the racers just after the start. I was in the lead after 100m and pushed the pace to the limit. Regrettably, I overdid it and Wolfgang passed me on the third uphill section. In lap two, Andreas had caught up with me, passed me and I already began to look back for the other racers. I did manage to keep Andreas in sight, though and stayed behind him for the next three laps. My legs began to feel better again and Andreas visibly slowed down (he had been ill recently) so that I could pass him at the beginning of the fifth lap. By then, Wolfgang was completely out of sight. He had even crashed in the first lap and his saddle (actually my saddle - he rode on my hardtail) came loose all the time. Well, I enjoyed the last two laps, not risking too much and finished second, which makes me state vice-champion of the “seniors”. :) The best thing about it all was the fact that all three racers of the newly formed team www.supernova-lights.com were on the rostrum.


Great weather and great racecourse - but dangerous. Two racers broke their clavicula - at least one of them on the “table”-jump visible in the middle here.

16% climb

My medal.