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European 24 Hour Chamionships 06

Here’s the official report (written by me):

Team www.supernova-lights.com wins European 24h Championships in Austria!

At the European 24h Championships in Regau (Austria), the Supernova factory team led by supernova owner Marcus Wallmeyer himself beat their opponents from six European nations in a thrilling race. With 88 laps and 370 miles overall, the team of eight racers set a new record on the challenging racecourse and secured the title, despite two heavy crashes, defective brakes, a broken chain and the usual stomach problems. Not to be outdone by Wayne Rooney, one of the Supernova racers had even turned up with a recently broken foot.

Fast-paced from the start, the race had been neck-to-neck with an Italian team specialized on 24h events but at night the Supernova racers had no problems keeping up the speed on the tricky downhill sections and their pursuers couldn’t follow any more. In the morning they started a desperate but ultimately futile counterattack and the Supernova Factory team finished the race one lap ahead of them. The team is now confidently looking forward to the coming world championships in Eschlikon, Switzerland.

My personal comment: the eight hour car journey there didn’t do me any good and the air in the “Salzkammergut” region was quite humid and hot. We had about 32°C at day and I could hardly breathe. Only at night did I begin to feel better, but then my stomach couldn’t handle all the eating any more. Wolfgang fell on his buttocks in a spectacular crash, David slipped in a fast turn and nearly broke off his derailleur hanger, Andreas broke his chain on the last uphill, Tom (the guy with the broken foot) rode one round with too little air in one tire, Stefan, Marcus and I lost our batteries, Martin had to repair the lever of his disc brake - and we still won! Mostly thanks to the fact that Martin & Stefan Siefermann were just amazingly fast in the morning and Wolfgang, Andi and Marcus were able to keep up the pace, too. But enough talk! Pictures say more than words.

Some nice pictures of the team (thanks to Wolfgang)

I would have crashed several times without my fork.

My last round in the morning

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