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XC Mauenheim 2005

The very first XC-race in Mauenheim near the Donau. Very friendly people and great weather.David, Sebastian & I went there by train. They raced the short distance with 4 laps (12,5 km / 460 Hm) and I took the longer one with 7 laps (23,5 km & 805 Hm). David won his race without much effort and Sebastian didn’t have to worry about his pursuers as well.

I was a little bit shocked when at the start of my race two racers darted away at an enormous speed and I could hardly keep them in sight. After nearly three laps, however, I managed to catch the younger of them (a 16 year-old) and pass him spectacularly just before the finish line (doing a very cocky “cowboy pulls in young calf with his lasso” pantomime. Then I made the big mistake not to terminally demoralize this young guy. I let him draft on my rear wheel (saves up to 20% of power) for the next two rounds. We finally gave up chasing the leader who was 35 seconds ahead and had a nice chat during the last two rounds. Regrettably, my legs got worse and worse due to my low pulse and When I finally suggested to sprint for the second place at the last hill my young opponent beat my by a few metres. Still, this was a very very nice race and a great stimulus for the high-intensity training that’s now ahead of me. My stamina is great. No wonder - I’ve already ridden 4000 km this year.