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In 2003 I bought myself neoprene overshoes and battery-heated soles so that I could continue riding even at  temperatures below -5° C. Here are some pictures from two such trips.

29th of November 2003 on the Schauinsland:

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This was my first snowride in the winter of 2003/04. It was pretty warm and the snow was ideal for building this snowbiker. I half expected him to ride off on my bike. ;-)

January 5th 2003 in the Black Forest @ 800m.

Short break. The sign says “Cold Water”.

It was only possible to ride on that small trail in the middle. At every little mistake I made my front wheel would take a dive into the snow up to the hub. I ended up pushing and carrying my bike for about a mile when the trail got worse. It was so worth it. Even after that my Time ATAC pedals worked fine!

This picture is from a ride on November 23rd 2002. It was so cold that the water in the mouthpiece of my camelbak froze. Here I have a short break in the sun just below 1000m. There’s nothing better than riding on cold, freshly fallen snow.

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