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08/08/2004 on the Feldberg

David, Robert, Frank, Gregor, Sebastian and a  miniature mill.

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Nice springtime trip through the Kaiserstuhl on he 30th of March with Chris & Sebastian. Great weather (18°C)! No defects, no crashes but still good fun. ;-)

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January 31st. Short trip through the Kaiserstuhl with Sebastian & David.

Riding in wet snow is about 3x as strenuous as riding on a forest road, even downhill. I had to walk a lot because I had the worst tires for these conditions but Sebastian just rode uphill like a robot most of the time. On our way back, a twig got caught in David’s rear derailleur and completely ripped it apart.We had to convert his bike into a singlespeed, which worked surprisingly well.

20th of April 2003

Easter Ride with Thomas Reischl & Alex Schley

Thomas is happy because he has found some supposedly lewd names on this sign (Good-men’s-fun & Screwtown Corner)

Well-deserved rest.

We took the hardest route up the 1414m high Belchen.

Ride with Sebastian & David on the 15th of April 2003

Here you see Sebastian, me and David at roughly 1000m above sea level (at the “Rinken”) with a promontory of the Feldberg in the Background. It was really warm and sunny this day but the snow had not melted yet (and wouldn’t melt until the middle of May).

David vs. the snowdrift.

Oh what fun it is to ride... Well, we actually had to push our bikes for a mile or so.