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The Great Fire 1666

The fire broke out in a bakery in Pudding Lane and soon reached some warehouses where oil and wool was stored. The flames raged for four days and nights and destroyed 80% of the City of London. People did have plenty of time to escape, though. Public records mention only 9 people who died in the flames (probably not counting a few dozen paupers).

13,200 houses and 51 churches burned down. The financial damage was enormous. Property worth more than € 1,450 Million (in 2002) was lost! At the time, the city of London had an annual budget equivalent to € 1,7 Million. Despite this enormous damage, the city was rebuilt in only 5-7 years.

Originally it was planned to put a statue of Charles II on the Monument commemorating the fire but he feared that future generations might think of him as some sort of modern Nero. It is actually quite strange that the fire broke out just after Charles had begun to make plans (with Christopher Wren, among others) to rebuild the medieval city.

Klick here for a map showing how slowly the fire was actually spreading!