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My first 5-speed bike.


 My first worn-out chain ring

Biking in Ireland

Biking in Ireland is mostly a windy, wet and muddy affair but when the sun does come out it feels like heaven. There are hundreds of nice little trails in the Wicklows right south of Dublin. The mountains arenít high but they rise up to nearly 1000m from sea level (Dublin) which is quite ok.

Biking in the Wicklows near Enniskerry.

The M.A.D.-guys & I on Howth.

My first broken Frame: I managed to brake the rear swingarm of my Focus Thunder fully. The funny thing is that I didnít realize it was broken until I got home. Never did any big jumps with it, just hard XC riding & racing. Great service from my lbs and Focus, though! Got an improved version and a new bottom bracket for free.